・ Anyone can attach and use it onto existing floor of tiles easily ・


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It expresses the comfortable and stable mood that goes well anywhere as the image of gray rock surface and excellent functionality of DIDIM TILE.

Demonstration of texture

Worry about non-slip products

Installed it for safety.

Anti-slip function that worn out quickly or not at ease

Uneasy environment due to harmful substances, unsanitary environment caused by watery mold,

A tough cleaning that can take your mind off once

In addition to the space and uncompromising design ... 



Have found the answer to all these questions.

Can feel on tiptoe

What is ceramic coating?

DIDIM TILE is the product ceramic-coated with the powder of aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) in plasma spray method as the nonslip product made of solid and safe aluminum.

As this ceramic coating technology rises wear resistance, heat resistance, erosion resistance, acid resistance and insulationability considerably, it is the state-of-the-art technology that is used for aerospace field requires extreme conditions as well as various industrial fields.

Comparison of Friction Coefficient

Nonslip function [coefficient of friction 0.93]

DIDIM TILE is the product that focuses on frictional force that is nonslip function among a number of excellencies of ceramic coating technology. As it acquires the very excellent authentication by 0.93 (more excellent frictional force as it is close to 1) in the test of coefficient of friction, it is launched as the innovative nonslip product.

Frictional force test

Nonslip function

of DIDIM TILE works perfectly.

DIDIM TILE is so easy to clean.

No hydroplaning

No fur and mold.

Hydroplaning that makes floor more slippery after rain, it never happen to ceramic coating of DIDIM TILE.

It is not slippery just like dried floor though floor is covered by water or soap bubbles.

DIDIM TILE with hydroplaning, safe floor is always secured.

Fur or mold is almost not generated as ceramic coating of DIDIM TILE has the antibiosis with emission of far infrared ray.

In case of general bathroom, clean status can be kept by only simple spray of water or scrubbing with cleaning brush.


can be installed by anyone.

Features of DIDIM TILE

Double-sided tape

Professional installation is not required due to double-side tape of DIY (Do It Yourself).

Anyone can attach and use it onto existing floor of tiles easily.

Case of construction

Please check the place where DIDIM TILE can be installed.

Materials in the place of installation

Cross section example of floor that can be installed

Installation video

How to install DIDIM TILE

Insecure about the anti-slip function

Discomfort for cleaning and hygiene

Worry between safety and interior

Now you do not have to worry about anxiety, discomfort, or worry.